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What does your Birthday Mean?

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Junie- What a great story. There are special people that touch our lives in ways we could never imagine.
The last picture is what I imagine me and my twin sister will be.


How sweet :D


What a wonderful wonderful story. True friends are so very precious.


What a lovely story, and what a talented artist Pam is - beautiful use of color; does she knit, lol? Loved the photo of you with your family too. When can we see a photo of Rochelle wearing her Beadwork?

Helle Reed

Ohh, how sweet.....I can surely understand why you get a bit sentimental!!:-)


That is a beautiful painting and Pam is fortunate to have a friend like you.


What a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing. Love the old photos and the one with your kids. Pretty talented people!

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