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That is looking awesome, Junie! The Kauni is so tempting, isn't it? :drool:


I have picked up stitches in a set in armhole but I never like the way the sleeve edge stitches (the ones you wrap) for the sleeve cap come out. Are yours symetrical? meaning are they the same on the back and front? do you like them? could you please take a closeup picture of them?
as hard as I tried I can not see if your stitches are like mine.


Junie- Yet another fine-needle project. It's lovely.
I was having a discussion about what makes a "traditional" knitter, and I think that we commit to things that take more time than the average sweater. It's all about the quality, not the quantity.

My Kauni and I are not in speaking terms at the moment!


I've knitted top down sleeves for a set in armhole. I think that i didn't unwrap the wrapped sts, just left them hidden in the armhole edge. It's looking lovely. Soon you'll be able to start knitting that Kauni.


I like both the colour and the design.


Your green sweater is gorgeous and the Kauni I have on my list to do as well.
Wow! you do great work!
I am on the second sleeve of Ariann myself and it seems like the second one takes forever.


Junie, another lovely sweater.


I have the pattern. The yarn is on it's way. I think that I am not going to do the ribbing at all.

Helle Reed

Hehe. I got the pattern for the yummy Kauni design too!!

By the better take a look at my blog...knitting queen!:-)

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