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Way to go woman! You claim not to have good math skills but you certainly pu that self designed sweater together quite handily. Lovely color and goes perfectly with your beautiful red hair.


Lovely! the sweater, the fish and you look great!


Silver Sage Pullover fits you beautifully! Nice job - bravo!


I really like what you did with the stockinette top - adding the small bit of ribbing just set the diamonds up perfectly! Lovely project.


Very nice job! Fits beautifully.


Another great job, Junie. A perfect fit and looks like a perfect weight for fall. Congratulations!


Really lovely. Ditto above on perfect fit. And a beautiful design. Congratulations!


"beeeyoootiful sweater and dahlink, chou look mahvelous, just hahvelous"


The sweater looks very nice. Well done Junie Ann! I, like you, prefer to knit with wool and I shun cotton. But you have shown what can with done.


It's a great fit, you don't need SW! Well done. Didn't the workman next door think it was funny you asking him to take a photo? My other half, who knows I'm mad about knitting, still finds it funny that I take photos and post them!


Beautiful. You look very nice in that sweater too. I would be proud to design something that finished looking.


Junie- Are you messing around with the workmen?

Lovely sweater, looks great on you. The color is particularly flattering.


I just love your work and your blog and I'm tagging you - hope you don't mind. Details at my blog. It's a short one.
Take care and sorry if this is too annoying!
And please don't bother with it if it is!


I am so happy to see that sweater finished! You did a fantastic job.


WOW! That looks so gorgeous! I love it. :)


Great job Junie! Looks fabulous on you and I love the balance of the stitch detail, very nice :)


The sweater looks great, and considering you had to get a workman to take the pic, he didn't do too badly.

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