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Beautiful work as usual, Junie! It looks as though you don't have far to go ... maybe a couple more repeats of the motif? The V-neck of the original is very attractive, and flattering; it also echoes the angles in the motif. Just think, as soon as Sunset is finished you can embark on Abalone!


Lovely! the color choices are beautiful. I yet to leave a pattern alone too!


Absolutely lovely! I'm never going to believe you are a slow knitter - you finish and start so many things. And they always look good!


It looks beautiful, Junie!

I am a tinkerer, as well. I think I am genetically unable to knit a pattern as written! :g:


Junie, you knit the most beautiful things!


keep plugging away on it and one of these days you will finish it. that will be a proud moment indeed.


That came out so beautiful! It is only a vest also so you are very close to being done and just in time for winter.


I really love the colors. They are very vibrant and graphic with the black, even though the pattern called for browns. The black functions like silhouettes against the sunset.


Junie- Patterns are not the letter of the law- they are guidelines. Not everyone likes everything and at least you have the skills to make the changes.
It does illustrate, you don't need a bajillion colors to make a successful Fair Isle.

Helle Reed

Ohhh, but it is beautiful Junie!! Just take one rounds each day..and you will get there....or make it 2 rounds!:-)

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