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I am curious to see what you are going to do with the Kauni yarn. Besides the two patterns that we have seen all over there is this lovely one:

Scroll down it is at the bottom of the page. She used some tapestry pattern. ILLUSTRATING!


Yeah Junie! I love the new swift and all that Kauni you bought is gorgeous. Can't wait to see which you finally settle on :)


Junie- You crack me up- the things you get up to sometimes.

I live my swift and ballwinder- they're great toys to have.

Helle Reed

*LOL* make people vote for what to use of colors!!*GRIN*

Even you got a swift and ball/wool winder, it doesn't mean that you have to give up winding up by hands completely. You can still sit down, and wind really fragile yarns up by hands.....or if you just feel you need to sit back and relax with it etc!:-)


As Helle said, you can use the swift and winder, or wind by hand--sometimes I wind by hand off the swift! I will say that especially with laceweight yarns, having the swift means far fewer tangles than doing it from my knees! Anyway, your Kauni looks wonderful, and it will be fun to see what it will turn into!


They can be very useful, you'll wonder how you managed without! I used to hate holding my arms out, until they ached, whilst my mother wound the yarn up, and have hated winding by hand ever since!


Thank so much! That sweater was a long time coming, but a good meditation after and during a really rough summer for me this year.

Can't wait to see your Kauni creation. I had to get a swift and winder as there were too many husband-as-a-swift disasters. Ugh. On a positive note I can untangle just about any mess.....but who wants to? You will love yours. :0)

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