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Can't wait to see the blocked version. All those picots will miraculously be tamed and visible!


I really like it! I saw this at Stitches and thought it was nice. Now, I'm even tossing it around as a possible project after seeing this. Can't wait to see the blocked version after Thanksgiving.


I think it is lovely, such a pretty colour and yes I am sure the picots will block out beautifully but you may need a lot of pins. Happy Thanksgiving.


Amazing!!! I would not even attempt something like that. Wear it with pride. Love the varigation in the yarn.


Junie, Fabulous color; looking forward to seeing it when blocked. Actually, I'm not a lace purist so I think it looks pretty good as is. I would suggest wearing it for Thanksgiving, but you probably don't want the ends to dangle in your gravy! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your company.


Junie- I really think it's kind of nice. I really love the color.

Blocking will work magic- you'll see.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours- and hugs to the big fella!


Your finished Fichu is lovely -- I love the color. I agree with others who've said that blocking will work magic. Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!


The miracles of blocking never fail to amaze me and I'm voting major success, not chicken feathers! I even like it pre-blocked and the color is gorgeous!

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!


Junie,your shawl looks lovely already. I am sure blocking will make all the difference and you'll go on to other lace knitting projects. I am on row 14 of the ruffle on my own fichu, and at this point 2 rows take me just over an hour. Of course pinning all those ruffles will take a while too...

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