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What does your Birthday Mean?

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Junie- Ever since I made the Spider Web Shawl- which is massive- I'm no longer in love with KSH. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't love alot of other stuff. Just a transference of affections.

Hope you're getting ready for the holidays- does Vader have his antlers?

Linda M

Hi Junie, thanks for putting up the comparison photos. The Elann yarn is extremely tempting, all those shawls in Victorian Lace Today suddenly become much more realistic possibilities... and I would do the mosaic/log cabin scarf by Mags Kandis(?) in the Interweave books in the elann colors in a heartbeat if I didn't still have too many WIPs and not enough time...


You enabler you!! I don't have any silk at all but the Elann surely is tempting.


Thanks for this. Can't wait to hear about the knitted results. In cheaper mohairs, often the quality drops and shedding is a problem. Yet I love a lot of Elann yarns and don't think this will happen with this one.


What are your plans for it? I have 4 balls in one color and 5 in another. Mine is the expensive kind (all are the same, I think) bought at a LYS sale for the right price!

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