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Who would have guessed you playing with fabric! The cables are lovely keep going it will be worth every single stitch.


That blanket is clever.

The cables look beautiful. It looks like it will be a soft comfortable sweater. You do know the cabling without a needle trick, right?

Marie aka mehitabel

The blanket is a great idea--I am at my brother's house in Mass, and apparently I've lived in Calif. too long--I'm chilled to the bone! I've co-opted one of these blankets (it has Red Sox designs on it) and it is nice and toasty!


Gorgeous cables, and the blanket idea is amazing!

Linda M

I love the no-sew double fleece blanket. We're expecting a hard freeze in Tallahassee tonight and tomorrow morning... brrr, extra blankets are a good thing (as are electric baseboards aka space heaters). And are you using a cable needle or not???? do tell!


Go over to my blog there is something waiting for you there.


Calvin is looking stunning!

And the blanket looks like just the thing to snuggle up. :)


Junie- The baby cables is a classic that you will be glad to have.

It will look stunning on you.

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