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Hang in there! This sweater has been on my To Do list for ages, ever since I saw it in this mag. I admire your knitting spirit!


When I first saw the pile of yarn, I thought you had ripped the whole thing! Glad you didn't as your cables look great. Loved the photo of the bull elk and of handsome Vader.


Ditto Anne B's comment - I too was afraid you had ripped the whole thing, or at least a substantial part. You're on the home stretch for the back (presumably you are knitting flat?) - and it is some of the most beautifully even knitting I've ever seen. I'm at about the same place on Cinnamon Bark, also impatient to start Oregon. Don't let me give up!


Junie- It's the kind of thing you'd like to HAVE, but not KNIT- you've come this far, enjoy the process.



Don't throw it in the fireplace! Send it to me and I'll untangle it for you and send it back. Your work is too beautiful to toss in the fireplace.


Oh! but it's so pretty!


I also thought you'd frogged the jumper! You've made great progress so far, it's looking good!

Helle Reed

Ohh ARE nuts!!*GRIN* If I was in any doubt earlier about you, you just helped me being sure now!:-) looks yummy....just hang on. It sure will be a wonderful when done!!:-)

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