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I HATE Home Depot's self checkout! We have problems with it every time we go. And forget it if you have a bunch of tiny screws to buy, or a piece of wood that YOU CUT at the self-cutting station. Then you have to wait for the clerk to sigh and slowly walk over to your station, while she is juggling the other 4 customers who are all having the same problems you are. Gah!


The elk are beautiful! Vader is a sweetie and the baby cables look lovely. I love the yarn. You have knit a lot already. Shouldn't be much longer till complete.


Junie- They don't give you a discount for checking out yourself- so I refuse to do it.

Isn't the elk magnificent? Vader is his handsome self.


I'm with you on the self checkouts. Home Depot used to be a wonderful store with helpful and knowledgeable staff, but now most of them are clearly irritated if a customer interrupts whatever they're doing. The one in Utah is better than the one we use in VA; people aren't so busy there.

Loved the elk, although the view he presented was a clear indication of his attitude towards the photographer :D

Also love the way those baby cables are coming out; Laritza's right, you are on the home stretch.

As for Vader ... handsome as ever.

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