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Those are plenty of cables! It does look wonderful. I love the hat and the fur around the trim. That is a good idea: cap for BC treatment centers.


Glad you've solved the cabled saddle problem - it is really pretty. What are your plans for the sleeves? More cables? And the hat ... gorgeous! What an inspired idea to add the eyelash at the brim for some added fun and a little luxury.


That's a lovely hat you've knitted. I can't believe that you've finished your baby cables jumper (well, nearly). I thought you'd be knitting it for months!


Junie- I try to remember when I get fussed about shoulder seams (we all do)- unless it's going to be judged, the only one seeing it will be the Parrot sitting on your shoulder.

And Pirates wear funny shirts, not baby cables.

Love the hat.


It's looking stunning!

And I love the hat. :)


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