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Love the hats; poor Vader, I suppose it could have been worse and you could have made HIM model the hats. Those cables look great (don't you just hate it when it becomes "chore" knitting?) and you are on the home stretch. Next project will be something really fun.


Vader is adorable! Every time I see him I like him more :D.
The chemo caps are way cute and they look very soft.
Oh dear! those ARE a lot of cables!


Wow. The sweater looks amazing, Vader is adorable, and the elk herd is so cool!

Hope you are well. Things are crazy down here.



The elk herd is a great picture. Lovely to have news of Vader, great-hearted dog, and BabyCables is on the home stretch, well done!


Junie- Vader is his usual handsome self.

And a big pat on the back for sticking to those cables.

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