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All good...........

Great bargain on the shoes - love the glasses - I think you need to tie a scarf around your hair like a headband, let the ends hang over your shoulder, wear your sunglasses, push the sleeves of your sweater up, and wear your pants slightly short with no socks and your loafers -- very Hepburnish!!!



Wow, good looking glasses, shoes ... and cables. Hey, I'm with Anne on the outfit, but with one addition: you need to sell the truck and get a convertible. Vader can ride shotgun.


Beautiful Geese! Those little tiny cables are so cute :D


Oh! it is not GEESE it is Moose! you know where the geese are :D


Fabulous! All of it! I love the elk, and the sweater is looking wonderful. What a great deal on the shoes, too. They will look great on you. :)


Your opus is almost done! Wonderful deal on the shoes, a one-off bargain. I'll second Anne's suggestion on the outfit and the car setting, definately with Vader as co-driver.


Junie- So what's next in your knitting lineup?

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