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What does your Birthday Mean?

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Oh Junie! I am not worthy of all that praise! Thank you! you know I did it with all my love and of course there is the yarn I got in exchange :)
Thank you for your lovely words. You are a treasure of a friend.


What a wonderful me the most precious gift to anyone is your time and attention.....and to end up with a beautiful shawl that you can wear to remind you of this gift, well, what could be better.


Oh Junie! Oh Laritza! What a truly beautiful gift to celebrate a beautiful friendship.


Oh pish tosh, you both deserve the praise! I saw the yarn in its unknitted state and it was gorgeous; I don't think it looks any less gorgeous in its final version, but thanks for the warning on the color variations.


I think it looks great!!! that pattern is in my que, awaiting the perfect yarn. Kudos!!! to both of you.


What a lovely lovely gift, Junie! And, IMHO, you certainly *do* deserve it!!! :)


The shawl is excellent. The fushia top is also good. Laritza is obviously 'good people'.


Catching up on your knitting blog after our recent five week RV trip. I absolutely cannot believe that Laritza knitted that in just a few weeks. What an incredible gift/trade you two made. Like your Chased Silver sweater.

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