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What a lovely post!
On the sockotta: I knit a pair of socks with that yarn and ended up ripping them. The difference between the two socks was such that I could not live with it. They are in my blog here: mine are even worse than yours! I knit sockotta with needles 2 mms and cast on 64 stitches my feet are also small.


What a lovely lovely girl! You all must be very proud. :)



I'm not a sock expert but won't the color variations on the feet be hidden inside your shoes? The Tigers look great - I may need to make some for my own Tiger. Love the Bethy pic ... but I also want one of her grandmother in her new red shoes! Wearing the Tigers. The bumpy ride was because the Dash 8s have propellers, rougher than jet engines. Frank would know. Chased Silver is heavenly in grey too.

Maureen in Fargo

My favorite really fine sock yarn is Schaefer Anne, my socks knit in that are my favorites! They sure seem to take a long time to knit though...

Linda M

Hi Junie,
I've knit several pairs in Sockotta and the tweedy ones like your blue ones never seem to match. I always seem to have one splotchy one and one that has lines rather than splotches. I still like wearing the socks from that yarn enough that I keep using it. I knit mine at 8 stitches to the inch on U.S. #2 crystal palace bamboo needles, and yes, I knit tightly! I wear them in Dansko clogs and they fill up the spaces and are nice and cushion-y.


Junie- You made the trip- I'm sure it meant the world to your granddaughter. Congratulations to both of you.

I love the Tiger socks. Noogies to Vader.

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