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What does your Birthday Mean?

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Hi, Junie!
How great that you're feeling better (and knitting again!) now that Summer is on its way--at least here in Toronto, Ontario where the sun, blue skies and hot weather is finally kicking in today!
Welcome back to blogland--I've missed you.


Hi Cherilyn,

How nice of you to write. I am beginning again. Hopefully, get up the courage to actually do a real post, with pics of what I have done and what is on 'griddle' and what is in the 2009 queue.



Junie- I had nothing but problems with typepad, so I switched to blogger, and it's just as good, and free.

Hope you're feeling better and ready to enjoy a nice summer.


OMG! Those are hilarious. I've seen them for sheep, but never for guinea pigs! :) xoxoxoxo!!!

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