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I'm so sorry for your loss - pets leave such a hole in your heart when they pass. Hugs xx


I'm so sorry. What a way to start a new year, too. Our George died suddenly in September and it still breaks my heart. I'm sure you must have many happy memories.


Darth Von Vader: You were such a beautiful gentleman. Your memory will always live with us.


so sorry to read of Vader's passing. He was a handsome, smart boy. I know you'll miss him terribly.


i'm so sorry to hear about Vader. my prayers go out to your family.


So sorry Vader has gone.


My Dear Friends:

What lovely things you have said about my dear friend, Vader. Yes, I miss him terribly. He was brave, strong and 12 years with him wasn't long enough. However, DR. O'Connell told me, "We have sent another angel to heaven today." He had a tear in his eye too.

Thanks Again



I choked up again looking at this beautiful photo: such luxuriant fur, such kind and intelligent eyes and above all ... those ears! He was a much beloved Virtual Dog to many of us, dear friend.


You were blessed by the unconditional love from Vader and I am sure he knew that he would and did receive your care, love and company. What a beautiful friend he was.


Junie- I am saddened and heartbroken by your loss. He was indeed your beloved friend and companion.

He was a wonderful dog. Take care- he would want you to.

Linda M.

so very sorry to learn of your loss, they are with us for much too short a time but the time we have with them is so wonderful. Knit on through to the future.


Oh Junie - I'm so sorry to hear that Vader is gone. He was an exceptionally handsome companion and I treasure meeting him last summer. Keep him in your heart.


Oh, Junie. I'm so so sorry. I know he was such a part of your heart. {{{{{{{{{{Junie}}}}}}}}}}


Junie - I'm SO sorry to hear you've lost your dear friend. I do know how you feel. Beautiful Vader must be at the Rainbow Bridge with my cats and all the other much missed pets. He was a lucky dog to own you.


To all my friends who posted comments to me, I thank you. DR Ed, Vader's vet, claims that he will be waiting for me in heaven. Well, why not? Surely there is a place for our beloved pets in heaven. It is already the 23rd of Jan. There hasn't been a day that I haven't missed the old boy.

I hope I thanked you all for writing. If not, consider this your thank you for kind words and gentle thoughts for my welfare. They really helped.

Love to all....junieanna

Jeanette / ramblybear

Sorry to hear about Vader's passing, that must have been very hard for you. Congratulations on Gader, may be fill this big hole in your heart with puppy goodness.

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