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oh, the cuteness - I can hardly stand to look at him! :-) Such a handsome boy.


Dear Terri:

Arent the ears funny? They will stand up right one of these days.
Thanks for the comment.




He must be eating you out of house and home LOL!!! Love the ears - he'll grow into them quick eough!


Oh dear Junie! those ears! the cutest ever! You will treasure that picture for years to come. He is all ears now, I know he will soon grow into them :)


Oh, I'd love to give this little guy a hug! He would be so embarrassed if he looked in a mirror... I expect he thinks he really is Errol on the inside! And one of these days, he'll look as handsome on the outside, too.

Linda M

He is absolutely huggable!


He is quite delightful. Made me aarrrhhh!

Terry aka SailingKnitter

What a sweetheart! I'll bet by now he's doubled and tripled again.


Post more news!!!


What an adorable puppy! He looks like a bundle of love.

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