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Glad to see you back! OMG Gader is HUGE!!! I can't imagine a dog that size running around the house -- but I know what you mean. Lackie and Daisy, all of a sudden, will just take off and run around and around the living room - luckily they are small enough to go under the end table and around the couch without damaging anyting - but you should see the toe nail marks on the carpet!!!

They don't do is now that we go for a long walk every day - Hubby retired in April, so there is no excuse - a quick drive down the road to the park, and around we go -- does wonders!

They also like to sleep on me while we watch tv at night - I try to knit, but sometines I can't just because of the way they are lying.......aren't they cute Hubby says LOL!!! But 80 lbs....oh dear, you are going to have to break him of this - maybe so that he just puts his head in your lap???

What a gorgeous looking dog - you've had a rough go so far - but he is totally beautiful -- give him a big hug from me!



Glad to see you back, too! My oh my, Gader is such a BIG handsome boy! How can you scold that face?! :-)


Lovely he done growing? I sure hope so!


Hooray! Welcome back, Junieann!It's nice to see you back. I have been following along and mourning your loss with you. So glad you are giving another "puppy" a good home:)!
Cannot wait to see what you have on the needles!
Take care and be well,
Joan in Ellicott City, MD a/k/a FSK

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