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Linda M

it is wonderful to see a post from you - he looks like a great dog!


Oh dear - what a big baby!

Otherwise, how is his training going?

Look at that face! ahhhhh


He is so adorable it's no wonder he can get away with whatever he wants. He's certainly turned into a handsome boy. Are you wearing the dragon vest?


He is such a handsome boy! And so mature looking! I love that you posted some pics of him. He may be 85 pounds, but in his mind he's just a wee little puppy that wants to curl up in your lap! Love him!


Oh dear Junie! I love love love! the pictures! such an adorable 'puppy' he is so handsome and looks well behaved.....????


Junie- I am laughing at the pictures- my brother had a GS who used to get scared when the lights went out. What a riot!

Looks like fun times-

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