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Isn't it amazing how simple stitch patterns like moss stitch can show off lovely yarns like lorna's laces? Your stitches are so even and I'm sure the sweater will be just beautiful:)!
Can't wait to see how the white one progresses:)!


Love the color of the new yarn. Easy stitches are easier to mess up....I have managed to mess up garter stitch, I have!
Odette is very elegant and the yarn sounds wonderful.
I don't think you would want the bunny around the Mr.Puppy!


I am wondering what the neckline of the Odette sweater looks like. You can't see it for the hair being in the way. Where did you get the pattern from for I do like the bottom of the sweater the way it looks kinda pleated. Very pretty!! So did you start it???


Wow, what a bunny picture! That is awesome! I love the look of the Odette sweater too.

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