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Beautiful, Junie. The upper sleeve pools look like the opening sequence to the original Dr. Who. I haven't seen it recently so don't know if they still feature shapes zooming towards the camera. Congratulations on matching both sleeves so well, difficult to do with variegated yarn. I think the collar looks perfect as is, but if you wanted to add I-cord I would probably chose the Rowan pink which on my monitor looks to be a complimentary color. It may look different in natural light. I am still amazed that you can just set off and knit on the fly like this, you stout hearted woman you!!


Dear Pru:

Thanks for the lovely comment. You know it is easier for me to do this sort of thing, that struggle to read a pattern. Especially like Eala Bhan. That scared me to death. Still no yarn.

kiralık devremülkler

thank you. i love to read this type of information posts. again thank you...


Junie- You can't plan anything with varigated yarns, the fun letting it happen. Of course, I usually only do a small project- and your sweater is lovely.

Hugs to the big boy, and you!


I simply adore pooling! I am always disappointed when using variegated yarn if it does not pool!


I love your sweater. Love the colors...and I love the way the yarn colorway pooled in the sleeves. Very lucky you are to have this sweater. I still have Beadwork on my needles. That is one complicated sweater. I have the back done and have started one of the front sides. I just hope after all the work when I get it finished that the "Darn" sweater fits. I knitting it in heather type of yarn.

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