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Congratulations on finishing such a vintage UFO!


that's amazing that you finished it after 11 years! I'd probably have ripped it out and stashed the yarn away. Nicely done!


So glad that you found this UFO and it´s pattern too. Usually (im my case) they are not stored together...


Well done you! I like Lucy's red too, but I think your cream brings a lovely silky dimension to the sweater which accentuates the cables beautifully so I wouldn't change a thing.

June Peterson

I haven't worn this sweater yet. It is literally HUGE. If you are a medium size, knit the small etc. It is supposed to be big and baggy but not this big. Could have been the yarn I used. It is on my schedule of Thift Shop donations. It would fit a person 4 times my size. So, the feel of it and the fun of knitting such a crazy pattern was fun. I am glad I did it even if it is so big that it looks like a 7 year old wearing her fathers sweater! Hilarious.

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