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Gosh! You knit very evenly, June. I love the colour you chose too. I have never knitted a yoke. xo


It's beautiful, Junie! The color is gorgeous, and the flowers/stars will pop out when it's blocked. It looks like it will fit you perfectly!


Lovely! I hope to see a picture of you in it soon.


It looks lovely. The colour looks good and the stitch definition is great. You should be very pleased with it. I have been doing some baby knitting lately (expected grandchild)and many of the garments are constructed like this; knit all the bits then put them together to knit the yoke. I am using old UK patterns but I think this is a common idea and I usually leave the arms and backs/ fronts on stitchholders or cords.


Junie, it's beautiful! Fabulous color and no evidence that the underarms presented a problem - try not to wave your arms in the air and no one will be the wiser. Looking forward to live modeling photos.


It came out so nice. I have a hard time figuring out what the stitch pattern at the yoke is, (from the picture). Tempted to knit one :)

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